Thursday, April 17, 2008

Final Stage: Baby Time

ok, the doctor came in and checked in on lynsey and said that the baby has not dropped enough to do a normal birth (not to mention that the doc says we might be looking at a 9 lbs. baby)

so they scheduled her for a c-section within the next couple of hours so ill be updating as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Just a lil word of advice... don't get too excited about the size of the baby. They told me Morgan was going to be 12 pounds, so they took her 2 weeks early, and said she'd be between 9-10 pounds then. Even when I was getting ready to have her they told me she'd be 10 pounds. She was 7lbs. 13ozs.

I think a lot of times people who are induced get C-sections because the baby just isn't ready to come. Morgan definitely wasn't and she proved it by not moving an inch.

Can't wait to hear the big news!! I bet you're going crazy!

Anonymous said...

Mylee or Hayden,

Auntie Rib is begging you to please make it in to this world because it is driving her insane! So, please hurry up and get here.. k? Thanks :o)